Exploring Parallax Scrolling

14 Nov

Parallax scrolling is a computer animation technique where background images move slower than foreground images.  This creates an effect that makes a 2D image. You have to create multiple layers that fit together to create an image, yet every layer moves at different speeds creating the illusion of depth. A parallax scrolling website is created using Java Script, a programming language. It also uses HTML and a CSS. There are many pros and cons to having a parallax scrolling website. The biggest advantage being the ability to have an extremely interactive website that engages users. A big con could be speed and performance. On many parallax websites you will have a short loading screen and people on mobile devices or slow computers may experience slow loading speeds. Another pro to parallax scrolling is that you can display content in new ways, avoiding having multiple pages. A con to this is people may want hard links to items on your website and may not like that they have to scroll through information they may not need.


Some great parallax scrolling websites:





I really like these websites. They are highly effective in portraying content and keep me interesting in seeing what is going to happen next. Parallax scrolling is going big and hopefully stream less in the future (no loading!).



How To Create A Parallax Scrolling Website | Web Design Principles

All you need to know about Parallax Scrolling in Web Design | Fearless flyer



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